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Naturally derived prebiotics. Clinically proven to reduce redness.

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Soothing relief for sensitive skin from the forests of Northern Canada

Our award-winning birch bio-ferment immediately comforts and reduces sensitivity while deeply hydrating skin.

Suitable for inflamed, atopic and acne prone skin. Free from fragrance and common allergens.

Naturally derived and cruelty-free.

christine jair, makeup artist and clean beauty consultant

"With a fluid and milky consistency, this serum effortlessly glides on the skin, leaving no film or tacky feeling on the surface... Great for sensitive/sensitized skin and those looking for a matte finish. I’ve been using this under my rich moisturizers and it layers like a charm."

KEY ingredients

birch bio-ferment

Phytoactive birch water tapped, treated and filtered from subarctic trees exposed to extreme climactic conditions. Naturally rich in protective amino acids, antioxidants and minerals, the topical application of which assists in the maintenance of healthy skin.

prebiotic oligosaccharides

Our specially developed bio-fermentation process infuses birch water with three unique oligosaccharides: levan, raffinose and melibiose. These prebiotics display anti-inflammatory properties and support cellular functions necessary for skin barrier repair.


A prolific plant wild-harvested in Canada, prized for the biological properties of Oenethein B, a polyphenol known to act as an anti-irritant. Studies show this extract reduces redness caused by UV exposure and soothes highly reactive skin.

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