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Our Story


Aurum was born of a deep love for the Yukon; the haunting beauty of its landscape and the dauntless nature of its people. It is here, on the traditional territory of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in, that friends and co-founders Elise and Joanne found inspiration amidst the luminous trunks of boreal birch (betula neoalaskana).

The richness of a resource

In forestry, birch is known as a pioneering species for its ability to spread across bare and fire-swept land. With casual elegance the trees flourish, withstanding harsh conditions while quietly shedding twigs and leaves, season after season, until the ground is fertile enough to welcome other species. This became the impetus that led the co-founders to tap into the subarctic application of raw birch water as a curative tonic. 

The process of refinement

Intent on enhancing the topical benefits of birch water, Aurum collaborated with pharmaceutical biochemist Dr. Peter Sutton to develop a specialized natural treatment process akin to fermentation. Sustainably harvested and locally manufactured, Aurum's product range delivers the nourishing properties of birch bio-ferment to soothe and protect delicate facial skin from the elements.

The beauty in connection

Affirming that health can be as simple as comfort in our own skin, Aurum seeks to transform daily habit into an opportunity for self-to-skin connection. Just as the act of drawing attention to the breath can create a bridge between body and mind, a natural skincare regimen crafted with intention can serve to deepen physical and mental well-being. 



"I think it makes a huge difference when you wake in the morning and come out of your house. Whether you believe you are walking into a dead geographical location, which is used to get to a destination, or whether you are emerging out into a landscape that is just as much, if not more, alive as you but in a totally different form. And if you go towards it with an open heart and a real watchful reverence, you will be absolutely amazed at what it will reveal to you."

- John O’Donohue